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Welcome to join the SmartLark AI family!

As a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, SmartLark AI has been committed to providing the most advanced and reliable solutions for the global healthcare industry through innovative technologies. Our mission is to improve medical efficiency and quality through technological capabilities, and contribute to human health and well-being.

On the official website of SmartLark AI, the ‘Join Us’ module is specifically designed for talents interested in developing in the field of artificial intelligence. Here, you can learn about SmartLark AI’s corporate culture, team members, career development, and opportunities to grow alongside us.

Our team is the core competitiveness of SmartLark AI. Our members have rich industry experience and excellent technical capabilities, committed to continuous innovation and optimization of our products and services. We encourage team members to actively share their ideas and opinions, while also placing great emphasis on cultivating and enhancing their professional skills.

At SmartLark AI, we provide employees with rich career development opportunities. We value the personal interests and strengths of our employees and provide them with diverse career paths based on the company’s development and business needs. We provide comprehensive training programs for employees to help them achieve their career goals while contributing to the sustainable development of the company.

If you are passionate about artificial intelligence and hope to achieve your career dream in a leading enterprise like SmartLark AI, we greatly welcome you to join our team. Please learn more about SmartLark AI through the ‘Join Us’ module and apply for the position you are interested in. We look forward to your joining and working together to create a better future!


Contacts: Michael Liang , Songrong Chou

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